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Financial Services

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Over the last five years, the financial services industry has made a significant shift from offline to online, with firms becoming increasingly dependent on their online business. And because your business is all about people's money, pensions, insurance risks and future plans, the highest security measures need to be in place. Jitscale's extensive experience and knowledge makes us a perfect fit for this industry in transition.

Whether it is insurance or banking, more and more institutions are going direct, without traditional agents, and closing their branches. Online and mobile banking are becoming the global standard. This means business-critical is spreading from the front door to deep inside your back office, asking for flexible and scalable IT environments. For more than 10 years, Jitscale has been supporting companies like Allianz, ARAG, Achmea, London Verzekeringen, Unigarant and Allsecur on this journey.

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Online retail and shopping is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the world. Almost everything is for sale online, and revenue numbers are doubling or tripling with each year. At Jitscale, we have the knowledge, experience and agility to provide retailers with everything they need to be successful in their online business. We take availability and performance as a starting point and combine it with security, scalability, and continuity. With more than a decade of experience in retail, Jitscale is ready to be your partner for life.

Increasingly demanding consumers expect retailers to recognize and acknowledge them, whilst providing 24/7 global marketplaces. Downtime in these dynamics, even if it is 0.01%, can be utterly catastrophic. Likewise, security and privacy are becoming more important in online retail business. You can be prepared to offer reliable customer data protection and availability of that data, all while making sure the latest cybercrime tactics can't get hold of your business. Jitscale is here to support you.

Logistic Solutions


The tracking and tracing of goods is the most obvious example of business critical logistical systems. But logistics involves much more than that, including worldwide tracking and tracing reverse logistics, stock management, mobility management, and even dynamic management of perishable goods. Jitscale has years of experience with managing all kinds of IT platforms for logistical organizations. We enable you to fulfill the promises you made to your customers and users.

In a world where consumers and companies are expecting to be able to buy and sell anywhere, anytime and anyplace, the logistics industry has to make this happen. Whether you are in reverse logistics or primary logistics, Jitscale knows what it means to operate in a global market where systems need to be up all the time. One of our key customers handles all of Amazon's reverse logistics in the Europe. It does not get more demanding than that.