We believe we live in a world where we're surrounded by wonderful technology that can make our lives better, more interesting, more social, more successful.

We have fun eliminating risks in your IT driven business environment and creating possibilities for you. When it comes to outsourcing and managing IT, we get it done. Every second for everybody. In IT everything is possible. Get ready to be amazed!

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Outsource your business critical IT platforms "as a service" with a guaranteed 100% availability, security and performance

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The only ISO certified Dutch-based cloud solution. Scaling up and down and paying per managed unit, per hour has never been easier

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Manage, deploy, scale and control your IT infrastructure from one single dashboard in a guaranteed consistent way

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AMBER Alert is the nationwide alerting system for urgent cases of missing children and child abduction. This system enables the police to immediately warn the Dutch population by means of computer and television screens, websites, email, text messages, instant messaging, television and radio. Highly increasing the chances of a positive outcome. 100% availability of the platform is key. That's why AMBER Alert decided to outsource their IT with Jitscale.

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January 5th 2015

Jitscale and Sentia are joining forces!

Sentia and Jitscale competed until recently as providers of managed platforms but are now joining forces. With offices in Amsterdam and Nieuwegein, we are 24x7 ready to support your business.

Founder and CEO (Eelco van Beek) is no longer concerned...

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