In need of an expert that can manage your business-critical infrastructure? Jitscale offers outsourcing of IT platforms 'as a service' with a guaranteed 100% availability, security and performance. Our continuity-engineers provide 24/7 support for your business-critical platforms against a pre-agreed all-inclusive fee. Optimal transparency is guaranteed by providing customers with real-time insight in the performance of their IT platform, together with a digital SLA. No hassle, no discussion. We fix it, any time!


In a world where continuous online availability is getting more important every day, we provide and manage the IT platforms for your business-critical applications with a 100% guaranteed availability, 100% performance and 100% security. Outsourcing business-critical IT is a business segment where only a few players compete. Most service providers will never guarantee 100% availability. They stop at 99.9%. But for our customers, who fully depend on 100% availability, any 0.01% below one hundred percent costs them €1,000's to €100,000's per 10 minutes 'offline'. We go the extra mile to guarantee the 100%.

With the best technology, and the best designs, Jitscale can get you to 99.99%, but it is the minds and hearts of our people that will guarantee 100%.

Jitscale can manage your IT platform using your on-premise infrastructure, our multi-data center setup, (multiple) cloud infrastructures, or a combination of all these infrastructures. Based on your business requirements, Jitscale looks for the best solution to achieve your goals. Availability-demands, flexibility, local data storage, performance, and security define the right solution for you.

In the past 15 years, Jitscale has established high standards for architectural design that require specialized skills, knowledge, the right mindset, and are compliant with today's market standards. Jitscale's architects focus on the service that you want to offer, and your targets and planning. Our architects turn your business requirements into platform solutions, that are managed from our global competence centers in both the NL and the US.



Looking for a safe place to store your mission-critical data? Jitscale offers the only ISO certified Dutch-based cloud solution. With permanent security monitoring your data is 100% safe and always available. Scaling up and down and paying per managed unit has never been easier! By storing data in J-Cloud you have the best infrastructure management cloud solution at your disposal, as well as a standard DDOS mitigation solution.

J-Cloud is an extreme performant Dutch cloud solution.

In general, there are three different types of clouds; private, public and hybrid. With a public cloud platform, the available underlying infrastructure is shared among multiple users. When organizations prefer sole use of the underlying infrastructure, they can choose for a private cloud where the organization's services are run on a dedicated infrastructure. A hybrid cloud is a combination of a public and private cloud. With J-Cloud everything is possible.

J-Cloud is the only ISO certified Dutch-based cloud solution, which means never again worrying about the USA PATRIOT Act. With permanent security monitoring your data are 100% safe and always available. Storing your mission-critical data in J-Cloud also guarantees best-in-class DDoS protection, because as our customer you'll have a standard DDoS mitigation solution at your disposal. Next to this, scaling up and down and paying per managed unit has never been easier.

In order to make sure cloud infrastructures within J-Cloud are managed consistently and efficiently, customers can use Jitscale's infrastructure management platform, J-Layer.



Having problems managing your IT infrastructure consistently and efficiently? Jitscale offers what might be the only software solution in the market that manages your complete IT infrastructure from one single dashboard. Whether it is physical, virtual or cloud, you can manage, deploy, scale and control your infrastructure in a guaranteed consistent way. J-Layer is a software, as an appliance solution, that offers an agile and infrastructure-agnostic way of managing your IT platform. Vendor lock-ins belong in the past with J-Layer!



To ensure the quality of the Jitscale employees and services are always outstanding and fully up to date, we continuously invest in training, experience, and certifications. Jitscale is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and also received the ISO 9001 quality certification and 14001 environmental certification. The ISO 27001-standard focuses on a process-oriented approach to planning, implementation, application, control, evaluation and maintenance, as well as on the continuous improvement of information security management. The ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications highlight that the company is continuously working on improving its customer experience and reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

Our certifications, continuous measurement of customer satisfaction, a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager, and certified CISSP engineers ensure a professional way of conducting business and the highest level of quality for our customers daily.