Creating business critical continuity is in our DNA. We have fun in maximizing your possibilities and in eliminating risks in an IT driven business environment. By doing this, we build trust in your business for everybody to enjoy. Get ready to be amazed!



100% availability, 100% performance, and 100% security. That's our promise to you. We believe in maximum control by leveraging maximum creativity. Reap the benefits from working with certified architects, a global presence and continuity-engineers using best-in-class performance and security tools. 100% business continuity is the result.


Ensuring your 'always-on' business

Any component within your infrastructure can and will fail eventually, but is doesn't wait for a time that suits your business. That is why contingency is at the core of our platform designs, and we believe in redundancy for everything.

Realizing 100% availability boils down to three factors:

  • Minimizing the chance of failure
  • Decreasing the potential impact of failure
  • Decreasing the time to fix in case of a failure

Everything we do should contribute to each of these factors. On every layer of the infrastructure and in operations, these factors are considered and appropriate counter measures are taken accordingly. Our architects balance costs and risks in-line with your business needs.

Some of the counter measures taken are:

  • Physical: we have multiple datacenters in Amsterdam that can run an active infrastructure in two physical locations
  • DDos protection of the network
  • Cloud: for cloud providers we prefer a multi-cloud approach and always design a failover scenario with a different vendor or on-premise solution
  • Redundant application and database clusters: clusters of load balanced application servers, caching servers, web servers with health checks

Designing for high availability alone is not enough when it comes to 100% uptime hosting. Ensuring that technological redundancies work properly by means of regular testing, failover and disaster recovery scenarios is essential. That is why we perform extensive failover and disaster recovery tests before a platform goes live. It speaks for itself that running platforms are tested on a regular basis as well.

Incident preparation ensures that engineers know what to do in various failure situations. Discussing potential scenarios with customers, suppliers and the engineering group at Jitscale guarantees that counter measures are in place, and that potential weaknesses are proactively solved.

Last but not least, we ensure that we are the first to know when an incident takes place. We are fanatics when it comes to availability monitoring, and therefore are the first to know about any disturbance. Our engineers are always on stand-by and act upon any critical event or events that might lead to an outage.


A smooth and responsive customer experience guaranteed

End-user experience is essential and all the underlying layers need to facilitate a smooth experience. With our partner Performr, a company specialized in application performance monitoring and benchmarking, we setup measurements that show the actual performance experienced by the customer.

Performance boils down to:

  • Minimizing the response time for users
  • Minimizing the time needed to detect and scale up in case of load peaks
  • Minimizing the costs for over-capacity to facilitate load peaks

100% performance is about finding the right balance between costs for optimization and costs for scaling. Our engineers have extensive knowledge in optimizing the performance of web applications by using techniques like CDN, caching, performance benchmarking and monitoring.

In creating 100% performance we set-up the design phase as follows:

  • Analysis: before designing the platform, metrics are collected from the current platform to get more insight in the type of load of the platform and future expectations. (e.g. peak loads and average loads)
  • Scalability: horizontal or vertical scaling of every component in the platform is part of the design. In cloud infrastructures automatic scaling within certain boundaries. (e.g. cost control is part of the design)
  • Benchmarking: performance testing starts with benchmarking the IT environment to get a good understanding of the bottlenecks and the influence of different workloads. Overcoming bottlenecks and optimizing the environment for optimal performance is always part of the delivery of the platform. After the benchmark, key performance metrics are identified and added to the monitoring and reporting cycle
  • Monitoring: continuous monitoring of performance metrics ensures that we can act before your customers experience performance problems. It also guarantees trends are detected and future capacity can be anticipated.

Secure by design

Minimizing security risks and applying best practices is at the core of the platforms we design. Security measures are implemented in every layer of the infrastructure and we have strict procedures in place to act in case of a security incident.

We believe security comes down to three key factors:

  • Decreasing the likelihood of a security breach by preventative measures, like regular auditing and organizational procedures
  • Decreasing the potential impact of a security breach by separation of concerns and tight access control
  • Increasing the likelihood of detecting a security breach by security monitoring, logging and intrusion detection systems

But how do we guarantee 100% security?

Based on the factors mentioned above, we design the platforms in order to keep them running. Some of the practices applied are:

  • Physical: we use datacenters and clouds that have premium on-site security. In platform design, special attention is given to the physical location of data and ensuring that you are compliant with legislation
  • Network design: strict separation of concerns, limitations on traffic and intrusion detection systems
  • System hardening, conform industry best practices and checklists
  • Encryption: using industry standard encryption to safe guard data, (e.g. when it is located in the cloud and protect network traffic from intrusion)

Of course, we are ISO 27001 certified and we have all the processes in place to ensure organizational security next to the technical security measures. We know how important your data is and we do everything to protect it and ensure it's safe.

We are in a constant dialog with external security experts in the market to ensure that we are up to date and "fresh eyes" judge the quality of what we do. All our platforms are audited regularly by independent experts to seek for weaknesses and improve the security of our platforms and operations.



Managing business critical systems asks for a can-do attitude. Jitscale takes a pragmatic approach in guaranteeing online availability. Being the bridge-builder between clients and suppliers means an agile way of working. That's what we stand for. Jitscale delivers solutions designed for flexibility and implemented according the SCRUM framework.


/ In everything we do, we strive for optimal transparency. We want you to see what business critical continuity means to Jitscale and your business. Therefore, clients have 24/7 real-time insight into the performance of your IT platform(s), coupled together with a digital SLA report, in addition to financial reports on provisioned services provided quarterly. With Jitscale, transparency is ensured.


/ Transparency is vital. Therefore, Jitscale offers its clients an all-inclusive SLA. Within the agreed monthly fixed management fee, all required services and support are included; preventive, corrective or even adaptive maintenance is also included. Optimal transparency is also guaranteed by providing customers with real-time insight into the performance of their IT platform(s) through a tablet on which they can access their digital SLA, and see how their platform is performing. We want to be as transparent as possible in managing business-critical applications for your platform(s).

Jitscale believes that customers need to be reassured that their outsourcing budget is well spent. That's why financial reports on provisioned services are provided on a quarterly basis. It's clarity ensured. Customers using a cloud solution will see that Jitscale adopts the "pay as you grow" principle, which means that in the case of scaling up or down you only pay for extra capacity and time used.